Static Casein De-Watering Screen Units


As part of Fonterra’s Reporoa 2016 upgrade HME designed, supplied and manufactured three static casein de-watering screen units. The design incorporated a simple screen angle adjustment, fully enclosed CIP’able units (without the physical need to remove the screen), plus a large counter balance door with air cylinder struts making it safe and easy for the operator to open and close.

Each unit has a capacity of 35,000 litres per hour. An inlet weir distributes product evenly across the stainless steel de-watering screen allowing liquid to pass through an inclined screen, which is collected in a chamber beneath to be pumped away. An agitated front tub where the casein curd is collected before being pumped forward through the process is fitted with water flushed shaft seals.

The stainless mesh screen is hygienically secured within its frame and a range of micron apertures are offered to suit the solids or particle size to be separated.